THE speaker’s Lab

Giving your ideas a voice

 A six-week lab for performing artists with an idea worth sharing.


2nd October 2019

Cultivating and communicating your ideas

You have ideas worth spreading.

Maybe you don’t have complete clarity on what the BIG idea looks like (yet), but you know there’s a message you believe in that needs to be heard.

Let’s face it, the performing arts needs you to get to work on these ideas.

You’re ready to roll your sleeves up and thrash. You’re ready to sprint. You’re ready to be the voice of change.

Specifically, you’re looking to create and deliver meaningful change in those who take part. It might be:

  • A keynote

  • A workshop

  • A course

  • All of the above

That’s why we created this Lab.

We got you.

And you got this.


Here’s how it’ll be structured

A six week workshop (both in-person and online) structured as follows:

  • First 3 weeks:

    • Weekly in person 3 hour classes (and yes, Pete will be in NYC)

    • Weekly 1:1 20min coaching with either Pete or Jen

  • Week 4-5:

    • Weekly online creativity coaching with Pete

    • Weekly in person presentation coaching with Jen

  • Week 6:

    • You’ll deliver a 45min presentations (over two sessions)

  • Throughout:

    • 24/7 Community for coaching, accountability, feedback, celebrating and thrashing

    • Individual coaching and feedback from Pete and Jen

    • Resource sharing relevant to your topic

    • A supportive community of like minded change makers in the arts


This is what you’ll walk away with…

Untitled design (1).png
  • Ideation techniques

  • An understanding of your BIG idea

  • Content and stories that give context to your big idea

  • A supportive community of like minded change makers in the arts

  • Frameworks and techniques for presenting and communicating your idea

  • A 45min keynote on your big idea

  • The confidence, skills and gumption to deliver the keynote in any number of settings (including on stage, in workshops and for courses)


Secure your spot

We have 15 spots available at a special, introductory JWS rate so get in fast!




Your facilitators

Peter Shepherd (the long)

Pete is a periscope in the form of a human. Both literally at 6”7’ and figuratively in his work as a Coach, Speaker and Facilitator. He will help you see things you can't so that you can change your corner of the world.

Jen Waldman (the short)

Jen exists to help you express your point of view and take action so that you can lay your head on your pillow at night and say “I’m proud of what I did today. I showed up in service of the the change I believe is possible.”

Together, they’re ridiculous and here to generously delight, challenge and serve you.