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How is it that two opposites can share the same brain?

Pete, from Melbourne, Australia,
Jen, from New York City, USA.

Pete, at 6”7’,
Jen, at 5”1”.

Pete, the human periscope,
Jen, the human stethoscope.

Pete, the millennial,
Jen, the Gen-X.

Pete, at inbox zero,
Jen, at inbox chaos.

Pete, who wears jumpers,
Jen, who wears sweaters.

The Long and The Short Of It is a product of these differences.

It’s a weekly podcast for curious folks ready to explore the art and science of being human from every possible angle: macro, micro, Australian, American, tall, short and everything in between.

You can learn more about Pete here and Jen here. 

The Long and The Short Of It is edited by the extraordinary Sarah Nichols.

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